A study by the University of Adelaide and the Swinburne University of Technology revealed that Australia is a land of entrepreneurs, with 20% of them either planning to or already running their own business. This makes it one of the top markets when it comes to finding businesses to invest in.

Australia also appears to be a young market, with many of its top entrepreneurs aged 30 and under. This bodes well for both investors and entrepreneurs, as the market is ripe for both parties at the present moment.

Entrepreneurs can submit a proposal, which is then matched up to the relevant investors. Once we have found someone who is interested in the entrepreneur's project, he/she has the chance to then pitch the idea to the investors - after which, both parties will decide if the partnership is right for them. It may take (and often will take) more than one connection before the entrepreneur finds the right investor, and vice versa, as many intangibles come into play, including market experience, expectations, and general personality compatibility.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business partnership, it is important to look beyond whether the investor can fund your business. Make sure that they are credible, and that you look beyond the financial aspect. Someone with less capital, for instance, may have other beneficial factors, such as business contacts and knowledge of your market sector, maybe even more international experience of expansion, all of which go beyond just the investment.

Our network connects local entrepreneurs with global investors every day, so that they can discuss ideas and hopefully form a successful business partnership.