Angel Investment in Sydney Australia

Whether you are a new business entrepreneur or a start-up company looking to expand your business further, there are several ways that you can secure business support and funding.

For many start-up founders their first port of call is to a traditional bank or a financial services institution. Sadly, for early-stage companies often this route to finance and loans are not open since these organizations require an extensive trading history. The same can be said for venture capital companies who also look to invest in firms with an existing track record.

Another option is going down the governmental grant route, but these schemes can be hard to get onto and can take a while to get approval for even if you are running a suitable business.

Australian Government Grants & Funding

Another option for early-stage businesses is to explore the grants and funding available from the Australian government. Some of these grants and schemes, such as the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive, Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) Grant and the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) are available at the federal level so may be options for all new Australian businesses.

Other grants operate on a local level, so for instance there are some grants from the New South Wales state that may be applicable to businesses based in Sydney, such as the MVP Grant (MVP stands for minimum viable product). Australian start-ups with high-growth potential may also find some industry specific grants available.

Australian Angels Support New Business

Angel Investors and angel investment groups are investors who look to invest in small companies where they believe there will be growth and the valuation of their investments will increase when the company grows. Angel Investors tend to be high net-worth individuals and work alone, whereas angel groups are made up of like-minded people who work together, pool their money, to make investments. Often angel groups can be formed around a local area, where the group focuses on promoting business and commerce in the location they are based, therefore it would not be uncommon to find these kinds of investors in Sydney and around New South Wales.

Many small businesses are hampered by a lack of funds and raising capital can be a real problem. Angel Investors, in return for some equity in the company itself will invest in these kinds of new businesses. Often with angel investing the risk is high (which is why traditional banks won't invest) but the returns can also be big for successful enterprises. Many angel investors tend to work in sectors that they are familiar with, so can spot a good opportunity to invest in, whereas banks will simply look at the bottom line of the business. For the next generation of start-ups, getting the right funding and people in place at the early seed round is vitally important in terms of future success.

How the Australian Angel Investment Network Can Help

If you are an entrepreneur looking for financial support, then the Australian Investment Network can help with your business growth. You can search for investors based in Sydney, Melbourne and around the rest of the country. Both entrepreneurs and Sydney angels should do their due diligence when forming a business partnership to ensure that the investment opportunities presented are right for both parties.

The Angel Investment Network not only works across Australia, but it is also a global enterprise, meaning that not only can you attract Australian investors, but you can also find investors from overseas, from locations relatively close by, such as New Zealand, but also from the other side of the globe in the US and the UK. Equally, Australian investors who are looking for business opportunities are not hampered by just focusing on Sydney and businesses across New South Wales, instead these investors can find start-ups to invest in globally. The goal of the Australian Investment Network is to connect like-minded people together, from investors looking for businesses to fund, to entrepreneurs and start-ups that are looking for financial help.