According to research done by the Australia Securities & Investments Commission, the number and diversity of investors in the Australian market has increased drastically over the last 20 years with the privatization of such government organizations as Qantas, Commonwealth Bank and Telstra.

The 2007 study of 1,200 Australian investors also concluded that although investors covered a wide demographic spectrum, they tended to be older, married and employed home owners who held one to two investment products (the most common being direct shares, extra super contributions, term deposits and investment property) with a total portfolio value of $100,000 or less.

All that said, there is no prototypical Australian investor. They come from varying backgrounds and industries; some are in manufacturing and technology, others in construction and the arts; some have inherited substantial amounts of money, others are savvy businessmen looking for another solid investment. These business angels and venture capitalists have been known to invest anywhere from $10,000 for start-up capital to millions of dollars in flourishing Australian companies.

Some investors also provide their investments with the tools to grow and adapt to the country's changing market, offering them business contacts and connections and marketing and operational advice.

The investors at Australian Investment Network, from various countries around the world, are looking to match their interest and skills to entrepreneurs' innovative products and business plans. Our entrepreneurs are given the same opportunity; they too can browse through our network of investors to find the right financial and strategical fit.