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Explore our ‘How-to invest' courses which will provide you with all the tools you need for each step of the investment journey. Learn about the basics of investing in startup businesses, how to pick winning business projects and how to close equity deals

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Want to learn the secrets to raising capital and growing a successful business? Tune in to these interviews with leading founders and CEO’s. Hosted by Ed and Olly from Angel Investment Network’s management team. View latest episodes below or visit for more…

Company Formation

James Uffindell | Founder of Bright Network

James is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Bright Network which helps young grads from all backgrounds get into their best careers. The network has over 500,000 members and 80 million data points on what the building of a strong career looks like. From...

Company Formation

Dr.Melanie Windridge | Nuclears Bright Future

Founder of Fusion Energy Insights and head of communications for Tokamak Energy takes us on a riveting journey through the world of Nuclear Fusion. From ITER (the gigantic international fusion collaboration) to private companies searching for this holy g...

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Discover some great business eBooks to download and read at your leisure. Learn about forming a company, how to create a business pitch and how to pitch your business; and for investors learn what to look for when selecting a business to invest in.

Company Formation

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